Velocity in an up or down direction is called

Agile velocity: Velocity is a metric that predicts how much work an Agile software development team can successfully complete within a two-week sprint (or similar time-boxed period). • Direction is the way or path an object moves • You can calculate velocity using the equation: velocity (v) = distance (d) ÷ time (t) • Velocity is measured in meters/second (m/s) EXAMPLE: A car travels east 100 meters in 2 seconds. Velocity = distance ÷ time Velocity = 100 meters ÷ 2 seconds Velocity = 50 m/s east When you release each balloon, each will accelerate up and, as v increases, eventually a=0 and it will have a constant speed v t, called the terminal velocity, thereafter. It is easy to show that v t =√[( B-mg )/ C ] The only difference between the two is m which is smaller for the helium which therefore has the larger terminal velocity.

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If an electron (with a mass of 9.1 × 10 −31 kg) was moving at 2.18 × 10 6 m/s, the momentum is the product of these two values. You can multiply the mass 9.1 × 10 −31 kg and the velocity 2.18 × 10 6 m/s to get the momentum 1.98 × 10 −24 kg m/s.

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An example of this that we all have observed is the case of water waves. When a wave travels on the surface of water it makes floating objects (say leaves, branches, or people floating on the water surface) go up and down. It is important to note that as a water wave travels in a horizontal direction the floater just goes up and down vertically.

The velocity of a river is the speed at which water flows along it. The velocity will change along the course of any river, and is determined by factors such as the gradient ( how steeply the river is losing height), the volume of water, the shape of the river channel and the amount of friction created by the bed, rocks and plants. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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